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infertility publications

Infertility Publications
IHR experts continue to advance the field of infertility

IHR's expertise in infertility lies in our continuous pursuit to find solutions to best suit each and every one of our infertility patients. If you have any questions as you review the scientific publications on infertility, please contact us for a FREE Infertility E-Mail Consultation.

Below are listing and links to recent Infertility articles written with Dr Tur-Kaspa as a coauthor:

> Fear no pain from SHG, HyCoSy, HSG

> GnRH antagonist in ART Expert Opinion

> BASA & Steriods for IVF

> Endometrial volume and IVF outcome

> SIS for uterine abnormalities

> Sperm Function Endocrine Review

IHR has treatments for a variety of conditions, including ovulatory dysfunctions, endometriosis, immunological infertility and many others. Perhaps less known is our work with individuals and couples who are considering assisted reproduction, but who are uncertain of their next step. We encourage anyone, before they make a decision, to consult with us. Currently, we are offering a FREE Infertility E-Mail Consultation.